Shifty Sands of Athas (Dust in the Win)

Ablath: A humble beginning

Ablath is bustling, more bustling than it should be, given the relative peace that the region has seen in the past year. However adventure apparently abounds as several of the inns are booked to capacity and it seems that dozens of dune trades have set up shop in town. They aren’t selling much, but they have been hiring experienced waste-walkers to guide them or protect their cargo. There are even a few great merchant houses with tents in the town square. Unfortunately for you, most employers are looking for an experience squad of skull-crackers and ass-kickers and you have a couple of men at best. However, you did just hear a rumor about some elven trader taking whoever he could get….

The Adventure is about to begin.

Strange things are afoot in Athas…who will you be?


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